Rihanna showed her fans how to make their skin look ‘smooth and perfect’ in her latest video for Fenty Beauty! Check out the mogul’s new tutorial!

Rihanna has seriously flourished as a beauty and lingerie mogul. The fashion icon and singer, 32, offered her fans some new tips just in time for the new year with her December 29 soft matte powder foundation tutorial courtesy of her Fenty Beauty brand! In the clip, Rihanna started off with a totally fresh-faced look, but it was clear just how giddy with excitement she was to dive into her beauty product.

“So, today, we’re going to be talking about our brand new powder foundation of Fenty Beauty,” she announced at the beginning of the clip. “I’m going to show you all of my tips and tricks.” Rihanna, who has built an empire beyond her music career, showed off the two-in-one product, which features both the product as well as a mirror and sponge for the application process.

Rihanna applies her soft matte powder foundation during her December 29 Fenty Beauty tutorial video, via YouTube.

“It gives medium to full coverage depending on what you’re really going for,” she further explained to viewers. As the “Needed Me” hitmaker began to apply the product to her skin, Rihanna started to work a glow all her own thanks to the matte powder, which only served to enhance her natural beauty! “This product is also crease-resistant and sweat-resistant,” Rihanna revealed of the matte powder.

As Rihanna continued the application process, it was so clear that the shine of her skin — which she referred to in the video — slowly started to blur. “This product is not cakey, at all,” the Grammy-winner went on. After going over her T zone on her face (the area just above the eyebrows and down the nose and its sides), Rihanna moved on to using a brush for the final touches. “It mattifies. It makes everything blurry, and smooth, and perfect.”

Rihanna attends the “Rihanna” book launch event at the Guggenheim Museum on Friday, October 11, 2019, in New York [AP].

For just one final touch, Rihanna used a lighter shade just under her eyes to give herself a vibrant glow. The final results? Totally flawless! Since founding Fenty Beauty in September 2017, Rihanna has seriously skyrocketed to the top of the makeup industry. Her mission to include people of whose varying skin tones and shades have been underrepresented in the world of makeup has always been a driving force for her work, and with each new product she continues to conquer the industry she loves so much!