Kylie Jenner’s adorable two-year-old, Stormi Webster, couldn’t stop laughing while she and her mom played with filters on Instagram! See the results in the clip from Kylie’s Instagram Story!

This adorable clip had fans giggling with total glee! In a new post that Kylie Jenner shared to her Instagram Story on December 28, the mother-of-one, 23, captured her adorable toddler, Stormi Webster, 2, laughing while trying out some filters on her mom’s Instagram account. The clip featured Stormi’s mouth and eyes as if they had been put under a magnifying glass — they were so big!

The sweet little tot, whom Kylie shares with ex Travis Scott, couldn’t help but laugh at what she was seeing, noting how big her mouth and eyes had gotten with the filter. Taking the video was, of course, Kylie! The Lip Kit mogul couldn’t contain her laughter and giggled while Stormi marveled at what she was seeing. Another photo on Kylie’s Instagram Story also featured Stormi with a Grinch filter over her face, making her look like the Dr. Seuss character who stole Christmas and inspired Kylie’s holiday makeup line.

It was such a sweet mother-daughter moment between the two, but the holidays have been the perfect backdrop for Kylie and Stormi to make memories that will last a lifetime. In fact, they really got into the holiday spirit on Christmas when they wore matching red dresses for the annual Kardashian clan Christmas get-together! Stormi was practically Kylie’s mini-me, and the two looked so festive and cute in their looks.

Of course, this Christmas wasn’t just about the outfits the pair got to wear together. Stormi also received some amazing presents from her doting parents, including a carriage that was straight out of a Disney production! On Christmas Day, Stormi’s dad, 28, gifted his precious baby girl a gorgeous white carriage fit for a princess. The placard atop the ride even featured Stormi’s new title — Princess Stormi!

Fans absolutely love to see Kylie and Travis dote on their little girl, and as the holidays come to a close, they cannot wait to see what the parents have planned for sweet Stormi next! The new year will obviously be a great time to celebrate, and we cannot wait to see what Travis and Kylie share of their time with their little one in the coming days. Here’s to 2021 and more endearing snaps from Stormi’s life!