It’s been recently revealed that she had a Covid-19 scare these days, and she addressed it on her social media account.

She also raised some pretty important issues such as the one that has people freaking out these days even if they have a runny nose – as if a simple cold or flu do not exist anymore.

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Anyway, check out her comments.

Here’s a new message that she shared with her followers. 

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‘Chile….you already know the deal! You could have said your name really don’t start with the letter T. And that would have been taken out of content. Folks always have their own sound tracks….80% is how you respond 20% is the bullshhhh out there!’ someone said.

Another follower said: ‘Tamar I just love your energy and enthusiasm so much sis.. you’re such beautiful inspiration to me because I admire you and I really really look up to you.’

Someone else said: ‘Comprehension when reading is vital. No other way to take it but as a funny PSA in the last tweet she clearly recapped with the joke ROANA is real. Smh. People have to do better.’

A commenter posted this: ‘girl, im just so proud of u, like frr, like on dat boss stuff. i love u tamar, and seeing u grow and prosper spiritually and physically is just so beautiful, but ofc ppl so focused on your past that they can’t see u now, and majority purposely refuse to see it.’

Tamar is living her best life with her family trying to recover, following a tough 2020.