Tamar Braxton recently appeared on Taraji Henson’s Facebook Watch series Peace of Mind With Taraji. The two public figures opened up about their mental health struggles.

As you already know, Braxton attempted to take her own life over the summer. Luckily, she was found in time and has made a full recovery.

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Now, the singer is in therapy and decided to open up with the Oscar-winning actress who asked her to pinpoint the moment she knew she was headed for a mental breakdown.

‘The first time I knew that things wasn’t normal, was when everything went down with ‘The Real’ I was in my bedroom; it was completely dark.’

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She agreed with Taraji that she was in a fog.

Tamar went on to add: ‘I was able to hide it enough, to pull myself barely out of it, and then I go back to the same toxic lifestyle, without dealing with everything that happened to me prior, and that is continually happening to me, right? From day-to-day, I was just barely sliding by, you know? I just felt choked ’cause it was no escape. I just didn’t see another way out… I wanted to die, everything was going wrong.’

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She went on to the time leading up to her suicide attempt which included her being disconnected from her family and even her son, Logan.

‘I had no relationship with my family, I was estranged from my sisters, including my mother, and I worked with my family. We had no healing time. My relationship with my fiancé at the time was out of control, I saw no signs of nothing. The relationship with my child was surface, meaning like, yeah I check-in, but I wasn’t really checkin’ in. I would make him some food but I didn’t know if he liked it, you know what I mean, and with myself, I gained 50 pounds, so I didn’t even recognize myself anymore. That should have been such a huge sign to me, that something is WRONG, that things are not going well, at all.’

She was reassured by Taraji that she was not alone in her struggle. The actress gave her a long embrace as she started to cry.

Although it was heartbreaking to hear, Tamar’s story may resonate with others and cause them to seek help.