• The Bachelorette just dropped their annual blooper reel!
  • Yes, there are bloopers from both Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams’ half of the season.

    ‘Tis the season for Bachelorette bloopers, and Chris Harrison has delivered. This season’s blooper reel features amusing mess-up moments from both Tayshia Adams’ and Clare Crawley’s half of the season, and please be advised that they’re truly LOL.

    Let’s see, we have Tayshia getting her dress caught in a door, Clare obsessing over some off-screen chicken (I feel seen), Clare being epically confused during limo entrances, Tayshia spending a ton of time dancing, and last but not least Clare coming face to face with what she called a “rat” but was definitely just a poor groundhog trying to live his life and not be harassed by reality stars.

    Of course, my personal favorite moment was Chris Harrison getting himself locked out of a room and rattling the door incessantly, poor thing. Never change, Bachelorette blooper reel!

    Watch below for mild-to-medium lols:

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