Kay, so remember when news broke that the royal staff at Sandringham were in a full blown “revolt” over the Queen’s Christmas plans? Well now it looks like her head housekeeper of 30 years has quit over the drama.

    As a quick refresher, The Express’ royal corresponded Richard Palmer reported back in October that the Queen would be spending the holidays in Sandringham, despite what he called a “staff revolt over attempts to make them isolate from their families.” Details at the time were sparse, but apparently Her Majesty was “furious” after she found out workers were refusing to isolate in order to “be able to join a small bubble of close aides serving the monarch over Christmas.”

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    Flash-forward to now, and the drama doesn’t seem to be dying down at all. The Sun reports that the Queen’s head housekeeper of 32 years, Patricia Earl, has resigned, with the outlet claiming she was “said to be embarrassed after some servants refused to Covid bubble for four weeks over the festive period so that the Queen and Prince Philip would be able to stay there safely.”

    Due to all this drama, the Queen will now stay at Windsor Castle over the holidays the first time in 33 years. Meanwhile, a Buckingham Palace spokesman reportedly said that of Patricia’s resignation: “This was a completely amicable departure.”

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