Timothée Chalamet just made his ‘SNL’ debut! The 24-year-old slayed his opening monologue from studio 8H as his mom cheered him on in the audience!

Timothée Chalamet, 24, has made his first appearance on Saturday Night Live — but we already know it’s not going to be his last. “It’s a huge honor to be hosting! I’m so happy to be here — I’m from New York, I live in New York, I grew up 12 minutes from here,” he said on-stage. The star rocked his usual casual attire in a red jacket, skinny black jeans and high-top sneakers.

During the monologue, he revealed he isn’t the first family member to make an appearance on the series: his mom Nicole Flender worked background on the show! The real estate broker and dancer was visible throughout the “Massive Headwound Harry” sketch with Dana Carvey and the late Chris Farley back in the ’80s.” Yup, that’s my mom! She almost got spit on by Chris Harley. Mom, I love you!” he sweetly said, shouting out his mom in the audience. Nicole, wearing a protective pink face mask, looked so proud of her son as she cheered him on.

“No matter where I go, I’ll always be a New York City kid at heart especially at Christmas…I’m g”oing to play a little song if thats okay with you guys,” he said before taking a seat at a piano for a musical bit. Nothing like Christmas in New York when you’re from here! Sledding down the Chrysler Building,” he noted, confessing his first kiss was with “Stacey Met, Mr. Met’s daughter.” He sang, “The city was my playground and the subway was my babysitter. Nothing like eating Cheetos on Christmas Eve. You eat a handful then you lick your fingers.” How…Christmas-y?

Pete Davidson also joined in for a bit, singing about his upbringing in Staten Island. “I’m not from that New York. I’m from Staten Island,” he explained. “Hearing Santa coming down the chimney and realizing it’s just rats. We leave Santa cookies and a White Claw. I love you Staten Island!” he hilariously said.

The Beautiful Boy actor was confirmed to be hosting the long-running NBC sketch series on Nov. 25, alongside news about the Dec. 7 show hosted by Jason Bateman and the upcoming Dec. 19 show to be hosted by Kristen Wiig. “Timotheeeeee & Bruuuuuuce,” a later tweet from SNL‘s official Twitter excitedly read (Bruce for, of course, musical guest Bruce Springsteen). The 24-year-old promoted the news himself with a captionless Nov. 25 post on Instagram, that certainly got his followers and famous pals stoked for the episode!

Avengers actor Josh Brolin wrote, “What?!?! Oh, man. It’s gunna be good!” while The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star Kiernan Shipka gushed “YESSSSSSS.” Finneas added, “Oh F—” — likely the reaction we had when reading the exciting news. “IM SO PROUD OF YOU IM CRYING MY EYES OUT” one fan also posted with several tear emojis.

Timothée seemed full of energy in several promos shared on social media ahead of the episode, standing on-stage with Bruce, Cecily Strong and the E Street Band. “Hi I’m Timothée Chalamet and I’m hosting Saturday Night Live with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band — tonight!” he declared, wearing a protective black face mask (an on-set required at Studio 8H). Bruce then hilariously quipped, “Good news — the whole band is in the cast now!” as one inquired, “Can I play Dr. [Anthony] Fauci?”

In another outtake, Cecily and Timothée had a hysterical back and forth where they called each other by the other’s name. “Please sir?” the SNL cast member begged as Timothée attempted to back out of the awkward interaction — eventually interrupted by Bruce. “Come on Bruce,” the Born in the U.S.A. singer — who last performed on the show in 2015 — interjected.