‘Tiny Pretty Things’ ending with the shocking twist of Ramon’s death. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Damon Gillespie about Caleb’s suspicious words to Monique, his hopes for Caleb in season 2, and more.

The Tiny Pretty Things finale featured so many game-changing twists and turns. Monique was ousted from the Archer School after the Michi Beach scandal was exposed, and Ramon was killed and found dead in a ballet studio. Just before Ramon’s death was revealed, Caleb went to Monique’s office to pledge his support for her. Caleb said he’d just “settled one score” and was ready to fight for Monique.

HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Damon Gillespie about the binge-worthy Netflix series and whether or not Caleb could have killed Ramon in light of Caleb’s comment. “I have no freaking clue what score he settled. They didn’t tell us anything. I have no earthly idea who killed Ramon,” Damon told HollywoodLife.

Damon Gillespie
Damon Gillespie stars as Caleb Wick. (Netflix)

However, Damon doesn’t think it’s beyond the realm of possibility for him to kill someone. “In episode 3, he tried to push Nabil in front of a truck and ends up pushing him into Neveah. In episode 2, there’s a giant fight where he says, I will destroy you. His family’s a military family. He has the ability to do whatever it takes. I would not put it past Caleb at all,” he said.

Caleb and Monique’s secret relationship was revealed early on in the season. They managed to keep it a secret from everyone. Damon admitted that he thinks “Nabil might know something’s going on between those two because Nabil’s very smart.” When it comes to Caleb’s relationship with Monique moving forward, Damon believes Caleb will go to great lengths to keep what’s happened between them a secret. “Because if anybody finds out, it is trouble for everybody, especially him. It’s almost like he’ll lose everything he’s fought for,” Caleb told HollywoodLife.

Lauren Holly
Caleb and Monique had a secret romantic relationship. (Netflix)

The relationship is definitely a bit problematic, especially since Monique is the head of the Archer School and Caleb is an underage student. This wasn’t lost on Damon. “He even says that he was the one that was looking towards her,” Damon said. “He’s clearly a little older mentally than a lot of teenagers his age. On one hand, you’re like, this whole thing is wrong. And then, on the other hand, you want him to finally be happy and just to have this ease. They both went about it in the wrong way. So I don’t know. It’s interesting. That’s what we were kind of toying with during the season. How does he come out of this? She breaks it off with him, and then all of a sudden, he’s back in the picture. So what does that mean for those two?”

If the Netflix show, which launched on Dec. 11, were to get a second season, there’s one thing Damon would really like to see happen with Caleb. “I want to see him have a dream sequence,” Damon revealed. “I feel like he’s the only one that didn’t get one. That’s one of the things that I actually would want to see because, with Caleb, we don’t really know a lot other than his father died in the war and he’s a little aggressive. But I want to see what his true fears are because in the dream sequences we actually see everyone’s deepest fear. I would love to see what is Caleb truly afraid of.”