So, in case you missed it: Kourtney Kardashian and her next door neighbor Travis Barker are dating after years of friendship, and it all seems very cute and whatnot. While neither Kourtney nor Travis have confirmed their relationship status, they’re fully doing THAT THING where couples not-so-subtly post photos from the same place (aka Kris Jenner’s fancy Palm Springs pool) and comment flirty musings on each other’s Instagrams. And, um, I’m pretty sure Kourtney just took their hint-dropping to a new level.

How, you ask? She revealed that someone in her life has a zoomed-in photo of her wearing a red bikini as their lock screen—and it doesn’t take a professional sleuth to put two and two together. Especially since Kourt went to the trouble of noting “P.S. This lock screen does not belong to me.”

kourtney kardashian bikini lockscreen


FYI, podcast account @notskinnybutnotfat was the first to notice this and to theorize that it’s Travis’ lock screen:

kourtney travis lock screen


I mean, look: Could this be someone else’s lock screen? Yes. Like maybe Kylie Jenner is just really inspired by Kourt’s vibe and made it her phone background, IDK! But Travis is, seemingly, the most likely person to want a giant zoomed-in bikini pic of Kourt staring at him all day.

We’ll probably never truly know the answer to this or any of life’s great mysteries, but I’m gonna go ahead and add it to my growing pile of evidence that dude is smitten.

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