A new report from The Post’s Page Six this weekend claimed Leah Remini doesn’t think much of Tom Cruise’s recent COVID-19 rant. In case you missed it, the actor was in the headlines repeatedly over the last week over a leaked audio recording in which he could be heard yelling at his crew members for not strictly following COVID-19 guidelines.

As most know by now, the film business has been hit hard by COVID-19 regulations, with many studios shutting down operations and putting thousands of people out of work.

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Tom could be heard disciplining his crew in the leaked audio recording, arguing how a lot of people’s jobs depended on their film. During a conversation with The Underground Bunker, Leah Remini, who is most famous for publicly trashing Scientology, claimed the rant was just an example of who Tom really is.

More importantly, Leah believes Tom’s rant wasn’t even real. Leah said it was a possibility that Tom simply had someone write a speech for him and he then leaked the audio recording to the press for attention and publicity.

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The 50-year-old claimed Tom’s “reaction” to the controversy shows who he really is deep down inside. Leah went on to say that Tom was an “abusive person,” and anyone who is close to him can attest to that fact, including his former girlfriends, friends, and employees.

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As it was previously reported, The Sun dropped audio recordings last week in which Tom could be heard yelling at his crew in England who are currently in the middle of filming “Mission Impossible 7.” The outlet says Tom became really upset when his crew got within six feet of each other.

Tom then went on to say he would have all of them fired if they didn’t obey the rules. “If I see you do it again, you’re f*cking gone,” Tom could be heard saying in the recording. It was later reported that five of his crew members quit as a result of his rant and the ensuing controversy.