• Happy Holidays, Lizzo surprised her mom with a brand new Audi for Christmas and the video is just lovely.
  • Lizzo wrote a touching note about wanting to spoil her mom.

    Welp, Lizzo is officially the best daughter ever. And by that I mean she went ahead and surprised her mom, Shari Johnson-Jefferson, with a casual car for Christmas. Lizzo posted a video of the surprise to Instagram on Sunday, writing:

    “Got my mommy a brand new Audi for Xmas ?I remember crying in my car when my daddy passed, no job no money nowhere to live, wishing I could one day provide for my family.. I couldnt do it for my dad so ima make sure I spoil Mama. Happy holidays y’all.”

    In the video, Lizzo says “okay…merry Christmas mommy, open your eyes!” before showing her mom a brand new Audi with a giant red bow on top. I mean…best. gift. ever.

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    BRB while I watch this video over and over again. Oh, and P.S. @ my mom, if you’re reading this, you will be getting a scarf I knit in the early days of quarantine, which is almost the same as a new car. You’re welcome!

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