Take it from Offset – real men paint their daughter’s nails. Cardi B shared an adorable clip of the Migos rapper giving Kulture a manicure, proving that he’ll do anything for his ‘baby.’

“He be entertaining her shenanigans,” Cardi B captioned her Feb. 23 Instagram Story. In the clip, her husband, Offset, is focused on the task at hand: painting 2-year-old Kulture’s fingernails a shade of hot pink. “You’re really be having her do whatever the hell she wants,” says Cardi, 28, and without missing a beat – and without looking up – Offset, 29, proudly says, “It’s my baby.” Of course, he’s going to let her get away with “shenanigans.” Kulture – who was also apparently rocking a giant diamond earring in the clip – was pleased with her daddy’s work. Offset also got his daughter to say the word “pretty” after she giggled at seeing her nails turn pink.

This is not the first time that Kulture showed she has her dad wrapped around her finger within the past week. Cardi shared a few pics of their daughter looking all sorts of sassy on Feb. 20. “I was really meant to be a girl mom,” she wrote, adding that her daughter’s outfit was “styled by me.” But, the real revelation came next: [Offset] had to bribe her with cookies for these pics.” First, she gets bribed by cookies, and then she has her daddy do her nails? Kutlure is certainly taking after her mom in both looks and attitude.

Cardi B & Offset share special moment at family dinner celebrating a birthday and Fathers Day in 2020 (BACKGRID)

This attitude was on full display during Valentine’s Day. When Cardi and Kulture attempted to have a romantic date night, they had a surprise visitor. “Is this for me?” asked Cardi as her daughter presented her mother with a rose. “It’s from me,” said Kulture before saying “thank you” and taking the flower back. It looked like Kulture was going to leave her daddy hanging – “Can I get a kiss?” he asked, with no response – before she planted one on his lips. “I love you, Daddy!” she shouted. Cardi took this whole interruption in stride. “I guess NO dinner for two,” she said.

Though, let’s not act like Cardi isn’t going to let Kulture get away with murder. At the start of February, Cardi shared an Instagram Story of her daughter “doing her makeup” while lying down. Kulture, while using her fingers, painted up her mom’s face. While fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race may know the term “beat your mug,” Cardi’s makeup made it looks like she was beaten up. Still, Kulture was pleased. Anything for her baby, right?