Zonnique Pullins took to her Instagram Live with partner Bandhunta Izzy, where she gushed about how their baby girl has a ‘square face’ like Izzy and hair just like Zonnique! Check out the clip!

Zonnique Pullins and Bundhunta Izzy‘s baby girl got the best from each of her parents. During Zonnique’s Instagram Live on January 26, the 24-year-old daughter of Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris explained to those tuning in that her one-month-old daughter has her hair and Izzy’s face. “You want to see the back of the baby’s head so bad,” Zonnique observed of the comments she was receiving from fans.

Once Izzy brought they baby girl over to the camera, Zonnique introduced her daughter — or part of her, at least! “That’s my baby’s head, y’all,” she said, pointing at her daughter’s noggin. “It looks like mine,” she went on, adding, “Izzy thought it was mine, but it’s kind of his,” she said. “She has a square-like face but she got a head like mine in the back,” the mother-of-one went on.

“If you look at her from the front, she has a box face like her daddy.” Zonnique then joked around with her fans to “let her know” if her baby girl has “good hair” just like her mom’s! Since welcoming her daughter with Izzy in mid-December, Zonnique has yet to share with her fans what her daughter looks like. But her longtime and new admirers have seen glimpses of the infant from time to time.

Zonnique has, however, offered a few hints as to who in the family her daughter looks like! Beyond the latest revelation that the newborn has her daddy’s face shape and her mom’s hair, Zonnique seemingly revealed that her baby girl looks quite a lot like Zonnique’s little half-sister Heiress Harris, whom Tiny shares with husband and Zonnique’s stepfather T.I. “Basically, me and my child lol,” Zonnique captioned a throwback snap of herself holding Heiress.

Although she and Izzy have made the decision to maintain their daughter’s privacy as a major priority, Zonnique has opened up about various aspects of her delivery. She was incredibly open about her relatable fear while giving birth, and throughout her pregnancy she shared regular updates about how she and her baby were doing. Regardless if she and Izzy eventually decide to share more about their daughter, we’ll enjoy ever peek that we get of the couple’s precious little one!